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What Is A Philanthropic Organization And How Can It Help The Community?

Roberto Isaías’ new article explains what a philanthropic organization is, its benefits, how to get involved and how it can help the community.

What is a philanthropic organization?

These organizations provide money, goods or services to causes in favor of disadvantaged people.  

The financial resources necessary for their development come mainly from public and private contributions, donations and raise funds  activities.

Types of philanthropic organizations

Philanthropic organizations can vary according to their mission and objectives.

They can also be differentiated depending on the type of institution from which their resources come. 

Below, we explain the types of existing organizations. 

Private Foundations

The Foundation is an entity endowed with private legal personality, governed by the Civil Code and based on a patrimony, destined to a specific lawful purpose of social utility.

Non-governmental organization 

Non-governmental philanthropic organizations are private subjects operating in international cooperation for development.

There are many activities to which they can be dedicated, among them, the philanthropist Roberto Isaias highlights the following:

Activities of philanthropic organizations Roberto Isaías

Charity and beneficial organizations.

The objective of these types of organizations is charitable in nature, aiming to improve the conditions of human beings, whether in terms of health, education or even access to drinking water or food.

The objectives of these entities are usually defined by law.

Although beneficial and charity organizations have the same purpose, it is worth specifying what distinguishes them.   

Charity is understood as an activity of helping the poor, practiced by religious and lay institutions, inspired by the precepts of the Catholic Church and by societies. Beneficial Activity is defined as secular aid to the poor, linked to state activity”.

Beatriz Castro Carvajal

How does a philanthropic organization work?

A distinctive feature is the private nature of the organization and the absence of a profit motive.

It is maintained mainly through donations from individuals and the work of volunteers.


Fundraising is the set of activities and initiatives carried out by an organization, also in an organized and continuous way, in order to finance its activities of general interest.

The most common forms of fundraising are fundraising campaigns and crowdfunding platforms. 

Among the most popular platforms are Indiegogo, GoFundMe and Piggibackr.

Distribution of resources 

Organizations allocate resources in different areas. The main one is the expenses destined to the projects and activities that respond to the entity’s objective.

The second area is related to the structure and management of the entity, also called administration expenses.

Finally, there are the fundraising expenses, which are necessary to carry out actions that seek to finance the organization’s mission.

Impact on the community 

Philanthropic organizations provide benefits to sectors of society that yearn for help. 

In addition to defending human rights, promoting social transformation projects and meeting needs that local governments are unable to meet. 

Transparency and accountability

Philanthropic organizations face increasing pressure to demonstrate their accountability, legitimacy and effectiveness, especially to donors

The transparency and accountability of organizations today represents one of the most important challenges for all those involved in development cooperation activities. 

In response to this need, a growing number of organizations are pushing for common standards to be defined at national, regional and international levels.

How to become involved in a philanthropic organization?

The requirements for joining an organization’s staff depend primarily on training and experience.

Some roles require technical skills and specializations acquired through a bachelor’s or master’s degree in specific sectors (for example, the health sector).

In these types of organizations, you can get involved through volunteering, or through job placement. 

Researching and choosing a philanthropic organization

There are several factors to consider when choosing an organization.

The first is to choose an organization that is meaningful to you, fortunately there are organizations for all types of purposes.

Research the philosophy of the organization and you will know if it aligns with your principles. 

One tip is to look for a philanthropic organization in your area and community

While some join global organizations and travel to remote parts of the world, you should probably start small.

In philanthropic organizations, donations are a fundamental element for the development of many programs and projects.

They are even more important when the resources initially allocated do not meet the needs.

Offer time and skills 

Not only can you donate money, but your time and skills are also valuable to organizations. 

With this type of donation, you will demonstrate the solidarity and altruism you have for others. 

Participate in events and campaigns

Many organizations hold events and campaigns for funding. 

These can range from sporting, artistic and cultural events to fundraising auctions

Benefits of being part of a philanthropic organization.

It’s a great way to champion a cause, support an organization and make a difference in the community. 

It can also be an opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills. 

You can give more than just money by considering donating your time and skills to organizations that are important to you.

Professional and personal development

It is not only an opportunity for personal growth, but also an effective way to enrich and make your resume special.

It gives you new tools to navigate, the ability to adapt, communicate and understand different contexts. 

Networking opportunities

Dave Delaney philanthropic organizations Roberto Isaías

The Cambridge Dictionary defines networking as the activity of meeting people who might be useful to know, especially in your job.

It helps you make new friends and get in touch with people who share your interests.

Sense of achievement and satisfaction 

Your action within the organization, in addition to being useful to the community, can be rewarding in terms of personal gratification and give you the opportunity to improve technical skills and transversal skills, which can also be used in the working world.

How does a philanthropic organization help the community?

Philanthropic organizations contribute to the development of communities.

“They seek to benefit members of communities in vulnerable situations. Values such as altruism, charity and volunteerism are their main drivers, and their programs are based on them.”

International plan 


Roberto Isaías, explains what is a philanthropic organization and its operation and importance. 

From the previous article we can conclude that:

  • Philanthropic organizations provide money, goods or services, to causes in favor of disadvantaged people.
  • Not only can you donate money, your time and skills are also valuable to the organizations. 
  • Getting involved with these organizations helps your personal and professional development.