roberto isaias dassum
roberto isaias dassum

A Path Marked By Entrepreneurship And Family

about me

Member of the third generation of the Isaías business saga

Roberto Isaías is an Ecuadorian businessman and philanthropist. He studied Textile Administration and Marketing in Quito initially and later in the United States, at the Philadelphia College of Textile & Science, with the aim of being able, in the future, to take over the reins of the textile companies that his grandfather created. The business vision of his grandfather, Emilio Isaías (Mema), was transmitted to the following generations. Despite the complicated situations that the family has experienced, they have managed important companies in Ecuador, the United States and Central America.

Nahím Isaías Barquet Foundation

Roberto Isaías Dassum has always reserved part of his time to help the disadvantaged, through various foundations
fundacion nahim isaias

3 Offices in Guayaquil

New medical technologies are incorporated every day, for the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Treatments in +38 specialties

The Foundation also has early stimulation rooms and training workshops.

Low Cost Health for All

It helps low-income communities through our Medical Centers. A right and a duty of all.

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