roberto isaias dassum

Social Commitment

Help those who need it most

Constant help to people and institutions is something that moves the Isaias.

They consider it a family principle and it has to do with respect for human dignity. That sense of collaboration did not stop in Ecuador, but has transcended to the United States. Donations and contributions have been many, and they are part of the life of Roberto Isaías, who participates in some of these institutions actively: Voices for Children, The Jackson Health Foundation, The Baptist Health Foundation, St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital .

roberto isaias dassum

Inherited Community Values

His grandfather Mema, with a story full of values such as work, perseverance and solidarity, prompted Roberto Isaías to achieve all his dreams as a businessman and entrepreneur. Motivating and supporting the community for the advancement of Ecuador.

Nahím Isaías Barquet Foundation

fundacion nahim isaias
The Nahím Isaías Barquet Foundation, in honor of his uncle, currently has 3 offices in Ecuador. Every day new medical technologies are incorporated for the diagnosis and treatment of patients, in more than 38 specialties.

The Isaías family has always had respect for colonial art. Hence, the creation of the Nahím Isaías Museum, in honor of his uncle, who admired culture and art. For years, the Isaías family has rescued and restored the most important works in Ecuador.