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What Can You Do To Raise Funds?: Ideas And Platforms [2022]

What can be done to raise funds? Roberto Isaías brings ideas and platforms to charities.

What is fundraising?

Fundraising is the set of activities and initiatives carried out by a third sector entity, also in an organized and continuous manner, in order to finance its activities of general interest.

It can be done through various modalities such as, by way of example, the request to third parties for legacies, donations, altruism and non-monetary contributions.

P2P revenue for America’s largest shows fell 33.9% in 2021, according to WhyDonate.

What is fundraising Roberto Isaías

What can be done to raise funds?

Here are the steps to raise funds:

  • Take into account the legislation and regulations related to fundraising;
  • Know the target audience;
  • Research the best philanthropic foundation;
  • Collaborate with like-minded people;
  • The security of your plan is strengthened with a classic idea such as the organization of an event;
  • Search members;
  • Advertise and be present on social networks;
  • Open a bank account to raise funds;
  • Organize logistics;
  • Explain in detail how the benefits will be used;
  • Keep a log of activities.

It is important to believe in the cause that is going to be supported and to thank each one of the parties that are going to collaborate.

What is a fundraising campaign?

Give prominence to an act or event promoted by an entity that has civic, solidarity and social utility purposes in television and/or radio broadcasts, or on web and social channels, with the possibility of indicating the method of fundraising.

Why should your group run a fundraising campaign?

The purpose of fundraising is to create a lasting bond over time with people, organizations or companies for strategic philanthropy purposes that want and can donate resources to other people who need them or to support activities of general interest.

How much should your group run a fundraising campaign?

If you have the attention of a potential donor, you are more likely to end the donation right away.

The first factor to encourage a philanthropist is ease, the simpler it is to donate, the greater the possibility of receiving donations for your non-profit NGO.

The other factor that encourages donation is urgency.

How should a successful fundraising campaign be planned and implemented?

To implement a fundraising campaign, Roberto Isaías advises:

  • Preparation for the team and explanation of the project;
  • Tell a story according to the funds you want to raise;
  • Communication and involvement, through social networks and event management;
  • Mobilization of the followers;
  • Appreciation of the work to the circle;
  • Innovation.

These are guidelines that can be expanded, depending on the needs of the organizations and their corporate philanthropy.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a tool with which an individual or a group raises money to finance their project (with or without profit).

Cambridge Dictionary defines this concept as follows:

“The practice of getting a large number of people to each give small amounts of money in order to provide the finance for a project, typically using the internet”.

Crowdfunding platforms

There are different types of crowdfunding platforms:

  • Reward-based: a fundraiser that, in exchange for cash donations, delivers a reward, such as the product being funded, or recognition, such as a public thank you on the startup’s website;
  • Grant-based: model used primarily by nonprofit organizations to fund nonprofit initiatives;
  • Loans: microcredits to individuals or companies;
  • Equity: in exchange for the loan paid, the lender is expected to participate in the company’s capital stock, thus becoming a shareholder in all aspects;
  • Hybrid: based on multiple financing methods.

Crowdfunding platforms can also be divided by sector, for example real estate or cultural.

Fundraising ideas

As fundraising ideas, Roberto Isaías lists the following:

  • Exhibitions of works of art;
  • Organization of an auction;
  • Sports events;
  • Personalized promotional material;
  • Meeting with inner circle.

It is important to combine face-to-face with online opportunities.

Raise funds for my school

A school fundraiser is an activity dedicated to financing activities related to the school world that can increase (or replace, in case of shortage) the supply of tangible and intangible goods for students and teachers.

Often, in fact, the structural lack of money prevents many schools from evolving and keeping up.

Raising funds could be the right way to compensate for this lack.

Where to raise funds?

There are different ways to raise funds, which Roberto Isaías explains below.

Fundraising page

In Ecuador, there are the following crowdfunding platforms:

  • Catapultados;
  • Greencrowds;
  • Airfunding.

Others, also known, are Gofundme or Donorbox.

Raise funds on Facebook

Once logged into Facebook, the user can browse through the categories and immediately see what the most popular causes are.

If you create a fundraiser for a nonprofit, the nonprofit will receive donations directly from Facebook, Network for Good, or PayPal Giving Fund.

Raise funds on Instagram

The Instagram Help Center specifies how to run a fundraiser.

The Instagram business account must be linked to the organization’s verified Facebook Page.


YouTube Giving allows creators to support charitable causes they care about.

Eligible channels can raise funds for nonprofit foundations by adding a Donate button to their videos and live streams.

Why raise funds?

Fundraising helps make communities more cohesive and increases public trust.

In fact, thanks to fundraising and donation behavior, entities create links that remain active in the community, spreading a culture of trust towards others.

Donor relationship care activities can no longer be left to chance, luck or providence, but it is important that they be carried out with continuity and competence.

It forces the entity to be more transparent and improve its information capabilities, and this is also an element that generates public trust.

It allows institutions to have a broader and different vision of the context that surrounds them and not only focus on the service, activities and projects they want to carry out.

Taking care of donors, having an activity plan and developing it over time means completing the meaning and the reason why non-profit organizations were born.

In fact, its purpose is not to provide services to the community but to improve the world together with others, or even in another way to say respond to common needs with public and private resources.


In this article, Roberto Isaías has explained what can be done to raise funds, providing ideas and platforms for charities.

The following conclusions can be drawn from this text:

  • Fundraising is the set of activities carried out by a third sector entity;
  • To carry it out, a structural plan must be carried out;
  • A campaign celebrates fundraising through an act or event;
  • The goal of fundraising is to create a lasting bond with donors;
  • Crowdfunding is a way in which an individual or a group raises money to finance their project;
  • Social media is also an important fundraising tool.

As explained in the article by Roberto Isaías, raising funds is vital for the development of an organization.